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Derby Downtown Update

The Land Bank is assisting the City with the redevelopment of the downtown redevelopment district. Engineers are preparing drawings and property detail on what would be four City owned parcels for sale. The first sketch is below. Those parcels would maximize the asset of the river views and provide parking flexibility. A report is due soon on the feasibility of filling in the site to create more river visibility and grade reduction for the new access road.

The City has continued to work with the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments to deploy the DECD assessment grant funds to help understand the environmental considerations in the redevelopment of the area. To date, two Phase I reports, two Phase II reports and two Hazardous Building Materials assessments have been completed.


The City applied for assistance with the redevelopment of the former manufacturing building at 273 Riverside Avenue. The City has already conducted assessments including a Phase II and hazardous building materials review. It has the estimated costs for remediation and abatement. The City also issued a RFP for developers and is currently reviewing four submissions to select a preferred developer.

The Land Bank will provide grant funding for a Remedial Action Plan once the development plan is known.  Staff will also work with the City regarding site control matters and EPA Preferred Workbook worksheet review. 

East Hampton

The Town of East Hampton asked for help with the 1 Watrous ST site. It is a former manufacturing property. The Land Bank prepared the Eligibility Determination for the site, which was approved by EPA. The Town has provided the funding for a Phase I as a match that demonstrates its commitment to seeing what can be done to foster the reuse of the site.

When the Phase I defines the Areas of Concern and Recognized Environmental Conditions, the Land Bank will send a RFP to the short list of LEPs to conduct a Phase II with an estimated cost of cleanup and a Hazardous Building Assessment with an estimated cost of abatement. The result will be that the Town will know what the funding needs are to revitalize the site. There were interested developers who responded to an earlier RFP by the Town. This information could support an updated RFP. 

Southington Project Update

The Land Bank is working with the Town of Southington and a preferred developer to redevelop the abandoned site at 318 North Main Street, Southington, CT.  This is the former Beaton and Corbin Manufacturing parcel that has had a huge fire and been a brownfield site since the late 1980’s. No reuse was possible because of the unknown costs for the cleanup.  The Land Bank worked with the Town team and secured a $400,000 grant from the CT DECD brownfield program.  The assessment is complete.  The estimated cost of cleanup has been determined related to the proposed redevelopment.  A preferred developer was selected by a RFP process – Lovley Development is working with the Town and Land Bank.  Town has executed a Land Banking agreement with us.  Under review is a first draft of Tri-Party Agreement that spells out the obligations of the Town, developer and the Land Bank.

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