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Arthur Bogen, President

41 Eagle Ridge Drive

Essex, CT 06426


Cell  203.444.2023

*View Webinar Invitation October 16 at 1pm*

The Land Bank received a $300,000 grant to conduct assessments on brownfield sites in the State. It was just one of two non-profits in the nation to receive funding. The funds will be allocated to apply $200,000 to sites with hazardous substances issues and $100,000 for those with petroleum impacts.

The Land Bank is a non-profit that was established to help municipalities develop transactions on brownfield sites that the market has not lifted. We provide experienced staff capacity, potential for liability relief and now direct funding. We charge fees for the services you request. As a first step, we are happy to meet with you at no charge to discuss your site. If you and we think we can help you, then the second step is to fill out our application form that is attached.

The third step will be receive EPA approval by preparing an Eligibility Determination. If approved we will complete our Land Bank Assessment Agreement to get underway. Staff has done many assessments and what may be confusing to you may not be to us. We are here to help you succeed. Give me a call – Arthur Bogen, President, 203-444-2023 or abogen@ctblb.org. We look forward to serving you. Thanks.

Download Land Bank Application Procedure

Download Land Bank Application Form

Download Land Bank Access Agreement

Article from the New Haven Independent, "Nonprofit Receives EPA Grant to Tackle Contaminated Properties in Derby and Ansonia"